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Gloucestershire County Council

Travel Planning - Farm Lane, Leckhampton near Cheltenham

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25 October 2017

12:00am, 14 December 2017

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SERVICE REQUIRED The objectives of this commission are to • engage with residents to raise awareness of sustainable travel choices to encourage more sustainable travel behaviour; • minimise the proportion of single occupancy car movements to and from the development for all journey purposes • to achieve annual increases in use of public transport, walking and cycling trop rates • provide generic and personalised information to assist travel by those with mobility difficulties In order to do this the supplier is required to • Develop and implement a Travel Plan including acting as Travel Plan Co-ordinator and implementing measures identified in the framework travel plan where not being undertaken by the developer • Undertake a baseline travel survey and further surveys at appropriate intervals thereafter. This should include collection of journey destination data to assist the client with planning the transport network • Monitor the success of the Travel Plan • Deliver personalised Travel Planning to Residents who agree to it • Deliver a package of measures to encourage trial and use of sustainable modes • Prepare and distribute Travel Information Packs (and update residents of changes) • Liaise with the Developer, Local County and District Councillors and the Parish Council to keep them regularly informed of activities and progress • Promote local and national sustainable travel events to residents of the development • Report any relevant issues identified that need attention by the client • Carry out other activities the supplier considers will help meet the objectives