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Isle of Wight Council

The Bay Area Place Plan

Publication Platform
Cabinet Office

Publication Date
14 March 2023

11:59pm, 24 January 2023

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Feria Urbanism

The Bay Area Place plan will be action-based research, which seeks to influence policy and delivery. This study should aim to be a catalyst for change in internal community perceptions as well as external perceptions, and there should be a focus on involving many of those who would be of critical importance on implementing any transition approach advocated in the study report. The Study should use official data, such as the IMD and the Census data, to build up a statistical profile of the LSOAs that make up The Bay Area. It should also use CACI Paycheck data to develop a detailed understanding of current household income levels across each of the LSOAs. It will be critical, however, to go beyond this quantitative data to establish a complete understanding of the 'lived experience' of different communities in the area. Upon establishing a thorough understanding of the linkages between the socio-economic and cultural components of different communities in the area, the study should seek to focus on holistic solutions. The term of the contract shall be February 2023 until April/May 2023 with the option to extend for up to a further 3 months at the sole discretion of the Authority.